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This free eBook, by Hugh MacLeod, is an early version of what became his published book, Ignore Everybody. You can download the eBook here as a PDF (don't worry, he doesn't make you register to get it).

How to be Creative download page

How to be Creative is a numbered list of 26 observations and pieces of advice. My favorites are:

bullet point  #3, “Put the hours in,” which starts, “Doing anything worthwhile takes forever.”

bullet point  #5, “You are responsible for your own experience,” which nicely captures the interior voice that thinks what you are doing is stupid but decides to “do it anyway.”

bullet point  #9, “Everybody has their own private Mt Everest they were put on this earth to climb,” which is about trying, seriously trying.

bullet point  #13, “Never compare your inside with somebody else’s outside.”

bullet point  #23, “Worrying about ‘Commercial vs. Artistic’ is a complete waste of time.”

The eBook has other great nuggets about discipline, stamina, boundaries, passion, originality, and more.


2004: eBook made available. Over 5 million downloads since.

2009: Ignore Everybody (the book) published.

2012: “Ignoring Everybody, Eight Years On,” a fun reflection by MacLeod about both books.

2013: “'How to be Creative,’ still going strong,” another reflection where MacLeod writes that the eBook is “probably the best thing I ever wrote.”

What's your favorite piece of advice from the eBook?

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