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Freebie! 2-in-1 Garden Planner Coloring Pages

Print, color, and cut out the vegetables you're planting this year, then play with different arrangements until you're happy with your plan. Glue everything down and note harvest dates. Voila! Your custom garden plan is complete.

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Illustration Before/After with Adobe Illustrator

Four "befores," one "after"! Get a side-by-side look at how my pencil sketch changed based on 4 different ways I digitized and colored it.

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Pattern Before/After with Adobe Illustrator

For the February Flourish membership challenge, I experimented with making a repeating pattern from one of my cut-paper collages. Lesson? I used Illustrator but may have saved hours and achieved a better result with Photoshop.

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Becoming a Surface Pattern Designer: From Resistance to Joyful Acceptance

I was scared to pay so much money to a stranger on the Internet; I didn't want to make art on the computer; and I didn't want to contribute to consumerism & climate change. Here's how I navigated these obstacles and landed happily on the path of surface pattern design.

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Freebie! "How to be Creative" eBook

"Doing anything worthwhile takes forever," and other great insights and advice about creativity from Hugh MacLeod.

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