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Becoming a Surface Pattern Designer: From Resistance to Joyful Acceptance

I was scared to pay so much money to a stranger on the Internet; I didn't want to make art on the computer; and I didn't want to contribute to consumerism & climate change. Here's how I navigated these obstacles and landed happily on the path of surface pattern design.

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Crafting a Career you Love in Surface Design

Want to make pretty patterns? Watch Bonnie Christine's 4 free videos to learn more about how to become a surface pattern designer and tackle big goals.

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Freebie! "How to be Creative" eBook

"Doing anything worthwhile takes forever," and other great insights and advice about creativity from Hugh MacLeod.

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Pattern Preferences: Insights from an Environmental Psychologist

Did you know that we associate ascending diagonal lines with activity and descending diagonals with relaxation?

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Pattern Before/After

I created this pattern for the Flourish membership January 2020 challenge. The challenge was to choose a word to focus on this year and design a pattern or art inspired by the word. My 2020 mantra is, "Keep Going," so for the one-word challenge I shortened this to, "Go!"

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