Garden Planner Coloring Pages

Some of us (ahem) enthusiastically plant outdoor gardens, then promptly forget what we planted, where in the garden we planted it, and when it will be ready to harvest.

Usually I draw a quick sketch to solve these oversights, but I decided to pretty things up and created these Garden Planner Coloring Pages. 

 PDF icon  Garden Planner Coloring Pages (PDF, 3 pages, 934 KB)


1. Download the PDF file.
2. Print the pages and color whatever you're planting.
3. Cut out the colored items and place on a blank sheet of paper.
4. Move the pieces around until you're happy with their placement.
5. Use a glue stick to attach the pieces to the paper.
6. Count forward from your planting date(s) and write the harvest date next to each item.
7. Post somewhere handy (refrigerator?) and anticipate the crunch, tang, and juiciness of what's to come!

      Five Patch Design Garden Planner Coloring Pages