No Sew Baskets & Containers

This project is so fun! Gather up small containers like jewelry boxes, cylindrical lids, craft boxes, and gift boxes. For baskets, find bendy bits outdoors for the handles, such as tall grasses or twigs. Finally, select fabric and ribbon pieces that go well together. Spread everything out on a table and start playing with combinations of fabrics, boxes, and ribbons. For this tutorial, I'm using fabric from Maureen Fiorellini's Blossom and Grow collection for Studio E Fabrics.

Five Patch Design supplies for no sew baskets and containers

You won't be sewing for this project and you don't need glue or tape, either! To assemble, wrap a piece of fabric snugly around a container, with one edge of the fabric flush with the bottom edge of the container. Tie a ribbon or cord tightly around the fabric; with small containers, the ribbon will hold the fabric in place. If possible, enlist an extra pair of hands to hold the fabric in place while you tie the ribbon tightly enough to secure the fabric. Tuck the excess fabric into the container. Trim fabric or ribbon as necessary to neaten things up.

Five Patch Design no sew container tutorial

Experiment with different approaches. I like it when the frayed fabric edge surrounds the top of the container. A frayed edge can also add interest at the front of the container (below right).

Five Patch Design no sew baskets and containers

Five Patch Design no sew baskets