Neck Pillow

A neck pillow has two challenges for the beginning sewer: sewing from a pattern and sewing curved lines. The pattern we used is free from ithinksew and will require you to create a user account. If you're a child, ask your parent for help signing up. I don't know the people who run ithinkisew. Their patterns are excellent and I haven't received very much email from them after signing up on their website. Here's the link to the pattern:

Free Family Neck Pillows in 3 sizes from ithinksew

The pattern comes in 4 pieces so you can make it with 4 different fabrics. If you'd like to simplify the pattern, tape the pattern pieces together and cut 3 pieces or even just 1 piece for each side of your pillow.

Five Patch Design neck pillow 01

Five Patch Design neck pillow 02

Similar to fabric bookmarks and cloth napkins, place the pieces for the front and back of the neck pillow so that the right (correct) sides are facing each other.

Five Patch neck pillow 03

If you're using more than one piece for each side, sew the separate pieces of each side together before attaching the front and back pieces.

When you sew the front and back pieces together, leave an opening at both ends of the pillow so it's easier to stuff. After turning the pillow right side out and stuffing it, close the openings by machine or hand sewing. For the pattern and detailed instructions, visit ithinksew.

For our neck pillows, we used fabric from Maureen Fiorellini's Blossom and Grow collection for Studio E Fabrics. 

Five Patch Design finished neck pillow